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A note about vaccines

In the past few years, misinformation about vaccines has been widely circulated. This has caused unneeded concern among parents in our office and across the country.

As as parent, you want to do what is best for your child. Vaccinations and immunizations are some of the most effective and safest tools for keeping your child healthy. Our office follows the American Academy of Pediatrics vaccination guidelines. Click here for more information.

If you have any concerns or questions about vaccines, we will be glad to discuss those with you. 

Pediatric care

Novant Health Primary Care East Rowan cares for children of all ages, starting at birth.

We offer comprehensive pediatric services for sick children and well children, including:

  • Newborn checkups starting with your first visit just days after birth.
  • Annual well-child checkups for older children.
  • Vaccinations and immunizations including the annual flu vaccine.
  • Sick-patient care, including same-day and next day appointments for sick or injured children.
  • School, sports and camp physicals.

Well-child checkups give your child a chance to get to know our providers, and give our provider a chance to make sure your child's growth and development is staying on track. Concerns can be identified and handled early before they grow into larger concerns.



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